Case Management Training

This training is designed for non-licensed staff, non-clinical staff, case managers, direct care staff, high school students, and college students.

By the conclusion of this workshop, Students will be able to Screen Clients, Complete Assessments, Identify Risk, Complete Individual Plan, Following-up, Interviewing Clients, Ability to Document, Develop Client Plans, Identifying Resources, Visiting Clients, and Facilitating Meetings 

We Offer Case management Training's 101 & 102 

Training for Case Management Supervisors

This Training is Designed for Supervisors, Program Managers, and Directors who supervise Case Managers.

  1. Case Record Reviews
  2. Developing Organization Goals and Objectives
  3. Data Collections
  4. Supervising your Staff
  5. Managing Expenses/Budget
  6. Networking

Non-Profit  Consulting

We provide consulting to Start-ups  

Homeless Shelters

Group Homes

Domestic Violence Organizations

Employment Agencies 

Case-Managers Recruitment

We assist organizations by  Posting Job Ads, Review Resumes, Interview Applicants, and Make Referrals. 

Phone Consultation